First bed design !

My first bed design is done !
I must tell you it’s really basic BUT i am really proud at it because i was so bad with 3D and it’s quite good for my first design 😀
I really hope you enjoy it !
Go and take a look at my 3D page! 🙂


Alright ! I decided to start a whole new project.
Nothing about music anymore, at all..
Because i figured that it’s not gonna be easy… Although i will still create my music video !
From now on it’ll be ” Astral design ” bed designs with the motto ” Good dreams come easy, with Astral design ”
More will come up really soon, Hope you’ll enjoy it !

Little brainstorming

A day..

So i’ve been spending a day with my best friend.
And of course some nice photo results.
Take a look if you like in the album ‘ Photography
Thanks a lot for you time.


Another update has been done in the following pages

  • Logo and DTP
  • Photography

More will be added soon, also my project will come soon.

Enjoy !


EDIT : Also Animations is updated now.


So i updated Logo and DTP and Photography and Drawings a bit… Just some small stuff i created though. =)

Don’t be afraid to comment and tell me what i should change / add.

Enjoy !


To actually already give you something other than a empty blog.

I would like to share a creation i made for my 18th birthday party

It’s just a really simple flayer which actually made a lot of people come to my party, ofcourse it was mainly for the bands, But I had a lot of compliments about the flyer because I had never studied it.

I hope you enjoy what you see here.